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Market Scan's database powers many of the companies that are enabling online transactions, whether on dealership sites or independent apps.

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JAN 24-27 2019 | SAN FRANCISCO, CA

The NADA Show Expo is where business gets done. If you want direct access to 10,000 dealerships under one roof, this is the one show you won't want to miss!

Fuel Profits with mDesking


Market Scan's mDesking system is not just another car leasing program; it is the most powerful and comprehensive lease and retail solution ever created. We do one thing – desking software – and we do it better than anyone else. Far, far, better.

  • Significantly improve lease penetration
  • Realize meaningful increased profit per vehicle sold
  • Increase sales closing ratios - both on the showroom floor and online
  • Shorten negotiation time
  • Improve CSI
  • Reduce audit exposure
  • Improve cash flow as you eliminate mistakes

Grow your bottom line and improve customer satisfaction - and dramatically improve the future outlook and valuation of your dealership. Put the industry's most powerful desking solution, mDesking, to work for you today!

Watch and Learn

Information is a good thing. Learn a bit more about our lease and retail software, and see if it is something that fits your needs. We think that once you see what mDesking can do, the amount of information it can deliver, and the power it puts in your hands, you won't want to live without it!

  • See the difference

    See the Market Scan Advantage

    Watch a video to see what our the fastest, most accurate, most comprehensive desking system ever invented can bring to your dealership.

  • mDesking Demo

    mDesking Presentation

    Watch a short video and get a flavor of what mDesking can do. Things just get better from here.

  • Can mQuote
    help you?

    Mobile Platform - The Future NOW

    Watch a short video explaining the merits of the industry’s first and only fully mobile, fully digital and completely interactive offer presentation and negotiation tool, mQuote. Add transparency and cut negotiation times in half! Your customers will love you – and your profits and CSI will skyrocket!

  • The mPod Gateway

    Identity. Security. Confirmed!

    The only driver’s license scanning technology that meets the ultra high requirements of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. mPod also includes a built-in touch screen display that doubles as a signature pad for obtaining credit application authorization – before the test drive!

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Why Choose Market Scan?

For more than two decades, Market Scan has been the industry leader in desking and leasing software. Our systems are designed exclusively to help our dealers raise gross profit per vehicle retailed, drive lease penetration, increase closing ratios, and improve CSI.

  • speed up your sales process

    Increase desking speed and accuracy

    In just a few seconds get your customer a presentation showing 32 lease and purchase options along with a cash deal AND One-Pay lease options. Let the customer choose what is right for them while giving you the profit that you want.

  • increase leases, profits, and closing ratios

    Increase Profits and Lease Penetration

    ONLY Market Scan enables you to dramatically – and simultaneously – increase lease penetration, net profit and customer satisfaction. Make the call and we will work deals along side of you to show you what you may be missing.

  • many Options calculated in seconds

    Many Variables, One Click

    Market Scan's data is the best in the industry, by a wide margin. ONLY Market Scan tracks every lender and every program, every rebate – every parameter, policy and factor that can influence an automobile lease or retail finance transaction. Our system finds the best possible fit for you and your customers every time, for every situation. Happier customers, greater profits = a more viable business

ADP / CDK DMS Integration

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Market Scan's mDesking integrates directly with your CDK DMS system. This means we download your inventory, saving you time and errors when your under the gun on a Saturday. We can also grab customers from your DMS that have been placed there by your CRM.

Complete integation with CDK DMS means that you can pull a customer into mDesking, work a deal with your inventory and then push the completed deal right back to CDK DASH or CDK Drive.