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The Industry’s Best Data and Calculation Technology

Market Scan has spent nearly three decades and hundreds of millions of dollars creating the Industry’s largest and most dynamic database of lender programs, plus the most comprehensive database of OEM rebates & incentives. This database is larger and more robust than the databases of all of our competitors – combined.

Feature List

  • Cloud based calculations
  • Continually Updated Information
  • Data Support
  • Highly configurable
  • Rates – Lease and Retail; Standards and Specials; Sub-Prime to Super-Prime
  • Residuals – All Vehicles, All Regions, All Terms
  • Rebates – National, Regional, Local – Down to the Rooftop
  • Incentives – Dealer and Consumer; OEM and Lender
  • Tax Calculations – State, County, Local
  • Vehicle Registration Calculations

Only Market Scan tracks and continuously updates every program, incentive, parameter, policy and factor, and all rules and compatibilities that can influence an automotive sale or lease transaction. All of this data is accessed via a state-of-the-art super-fast calculation engine and analysis tool to deliver unparalleled opportunities and results.

This Industry-leading competency has historically been available ONLY through our mDesking system.

Minimal Effort, Huge Return

However, what if YOU could host access to this amazing database and calculation engine within your system, CRM, DMS, or website – using your own User Interface?

Many CRM’s, DMS’s, and website companies add a simple "Calculator" to their products that serve as their “desking tool”. Most companies choose this simple route due to the complex nature of leases, balloons, one-pays and various difficult retail deals. Unfortunately, none of these calculators are very effective or accurate.

Introducing mScanAPI

Our mScanAPI gives you access to the most in-depth and complex database and calculation engine in the industry – within your own environment – making your products more powerful - and much more “sticky.”

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With little more than the effort required to implement a ‘dumb’ payment calculator, you can now offer penny-certain accuracy and fully-compliant payments based on current rates, residuals, rebates and incentives, tailored for each vehicle and every consumer. Variables considered include: all applicable rebates & incentives, bank fee waivers, payment waivers, security deposit waivers, rate adjustments (specials and standard programs), lender max-advance and rate mark-up policies, tax calculations for all 50 States, and much, much more.

mScanAPI gives any company the resources to showcase a truly complete, cutting-edge desking solution within their own product suite. There is no need to form a data team, form alliances with lenders, or even provide technical support for lease questions – Market Scan does all of the “heavy lifting” for you.
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