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Your Complete Desking Solution

mDesking is the most powerful and comprehensive desking solution ever created. mDesking's database contains every parameter, policy and factor that can influence an automotive sale or lease transaction; and that information is updated every business day. mDesking combines the world’s most complete automotive lender database with the industry’s most powerful state-of-the-art analysis tool to create a lightning fast, fully configurable, easy to use and highly intuitive complete desking solution.

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mDesking is the only solution that mines, tracks and analyzes the billions of combinations and iterations of lease and finance lender programs available in the marketplace. mDesking's database houses 10 to 100 times more lender offerings than the competition; and only mDesking can accurately track and leverage lender specials, balloon payments, one-pay leases, special finance, multiple security deposit rate reductions, all levels of dealer participation and paid reserve, and more...

mDesking is the most proficient system in the industry for helping a dealer find ways to offset negative equity. This means more options for you and your customers – and higher closing ratios, happier customers and a more profitable sales organization.

mDesking's mPencil multiple-payment presentation tool empowers your sales team to present every meaningful purchase option to every customer in the most professional manner.

  • Provide every customer with real choices: Present Penny-Certain Cash Purchase, Multiple Finance & Lease options to every customer.
  • Maintain complete transparency
  • Achieve true compliancy
  • Raise lease penetration
  • Increase level of repeat business
  • Electronically track all industry rebates and incentives - including competitive makes
  • Consider all credit profiles from Super-Prime to Sub-Prime
  • Access 10 to 100 times more lender offerings than any other system
  • Automatically track inventory
  • Include Vehicle accessories: Track accurate retail pricing, cost and residual value add(s) for all of your lenders.
  • Maintain a complete customer desking history from previous visits.
  • And so much more. Put the power of mDesking to work for you today!

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