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Digital Presentations done right

mQuote is the industry’s first and only fully mobile, fully digital and completely interactive multiple-pencil offer presentation and negotiation tool. It revolutionizes the dealership showroom sales process and dramatically improves customer satisfaction.

By streamlining the sales process and empowering your sales professionals to “never leave your customer unattended,” mQuote addresses the Nation's number one customer complaint: "The sales process took too long."

With Market Scan's mQuote system, all payment and purchase options are presented electronically and all customer counter-offers and responses are automatically submitted back to the desk for management review. Sales representatives and managers get instant notifications whenever there is a new quote in their queue. mQuote can push offers and counter-offers back and forth utilizing any web enabled device such as a desktop PC, iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or Android phone; if it has the internet, mQuote can work the deal.

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Run mQuote on any web enabled device When you pair mDesking with IntellaCar's sleek iPad app, you get the ulitmate presentation tool. You get vehicle images, videos, specs, and with mQuote, you also get real-time back and forth quoting. This is truely the modern way to sell cars. Ditch the sharpy and four square, and go with something that WOWs.

In today's fast-paced world, seconds seem like minutes and minutes seem like hours. Are your customers using that time to contact another dealership and get another quote? mQuote prevents this from occurring because the customer is never left unattended.

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