About Market Scan

And what makes our leasing software unique

In 1988 Russell and Rusty West launched Market Scan (then Lease Prophet) with a single vision: build a world class desking platform to fit every customer’s financing and leasing needs like a driving glove, while returning the highest profit margin possible to the dealership.

Our desking software contains proprietary code that compares all of the variables that go into calculating a lease or retail finance transaction to make sure that you have the best payment possible – while securing a profit for the dealership. With our powerful system we will show you if your captive bank is REALLY the best offer on the market (we suspect you are leaving lots of $$ on the table). We can help!

Founders & Management

Russell West: Chairman Emeritus & Co-Founder

Russell is known as the “father” of automotive leasing. After helping Ford gain national recognition with their retail lease plan (known as “Red-Carpet Lease” today) in the 1960s, Russell became the “go to guy” for creating leasing programs for Auto Manufacturers and National Banks. In the 1970s and 80s, Russell owned and operated several dealerships and independent leasing companies. One of his high-volume leasing companies became the birthplace of Market Scan’s first product, “Lease Prophet.” Prior to his passing in 2005, Russell spearheaded all non-technical aspects of Market Scan’s business, while leading the company to half a billion dollars in cumulative sales. Russell’s son, Rusty West, has continued to grow Market Scan with the same rigorous attention to his father’s commitment and vision to desking innovation. Their mutual goal of engineering and leading the market with the single best and easiest to use desking application in the industry has never wavered.

Rusty West: President & Co-Founder

Rusty West Co-Founded Market Scan Information Systems with his father, Russell, in 1988. Earning degrees in mathematics, computer science and physics, Rusty combined his technical expertise with his father’s in-depth knowledge of showroom leasing to create Market Scan’s first product, “Lease Prophet”. Shortly after Lease Prophet’s overwhelmingly successful launch Rusty became nationally recognized as the man who “rewrote the book” on automotive leasing technology. Rusty has spent the last 20 years leading his team of “world class” engineers to create the most revolutionary desking products in the industry.

Stephen Smythe: Chief Executive Officer

In 2009, Steve Smythe joined the company as CEO. Steve spent 30 years in the retail automobile business; 20 years as Dealer Principal/Owner, operating multiple dealerships – Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Volvo and Acura – in major U.S metro markets. In 2008, Steve sold out to his partner, though he remained Vice President in the business through mid-2009, when he agreed to join Market Scan. Steve brings extensive knowledge of the retail automobile business and what it takes to sell and lease automobiles. Today, Steve leads all non-technical aspects of Market Scan’s business.

Nick Kulyk: Chief Technology Officer

To quote a line from the movie The Italian Job, "If there is one thing that I know; It is never to mess with mother nature, mother-in-laws, or mother freakin' Ukraininans". This quote couldn't be more true of our CTO. Nick started with Market Scan in 2005, and has worked his way to becoming the head our programming department, and is integral in planning and developing new products. This dedication has lead Nick to be one of the Industry’s greatest minds and without peer in online and in-dealership payment quoting technology.

The collective knowledge and deep experience of the management team in developing, marketing and using desking technology is unsurpassed.

Market Scan Founded
Lease Prophet software introduced
Lease Prophet installations reach 500
Market Scan named to Inc. 500 fastest growing private companies in America
Lease Prophet II, used car leasing & Windows NT with Touch Screen introduced
529 Installations in one month (April)
Introduction of Retail Finance system
Small Dealer Program, DMS Integration & Networking introduced
Introduction of Profitcenter™ and Quick Sales Kiosk™
Introduction of Sales Force Automation, Auction results
Launch of Market Scan - MDS, the most integrated system yet
Carfax Integration
Market Scan releases the Internet based mDesking™ application.
RouteOne Integration
Market Scan's 20th anniversary in CA
CredCo integration with mDesking
Automatic import of customer credit information
mPod & mQuote - Fully digital presentation tool
Rebates and incentives for all makes tracked