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When a customer comes in to the dealership for a car, there are different ways to run a deal to find the best program to fit the customer’s lease and retail needs.

On the Scan Parameters page under Scan Options you will find:
  • Profit Scan: automatically calculates programs using the desired amount of profit entered.
  • Selling Price Scan: manually change items like the selling price of a vehicle or paid reserve of a lender.
  • Payment Scan: finds the most profitable lender program using the customer's desired payment for a vehicle.
  • Maxi Scan: maximizes the front and back end profit.
How this works for everyday
Is your customer insisting on a certain MSRP for the vehicle? Use Selling Price Scan to get your programs in line with their wishes.

Does your customer really want the vehicle to stay at a specific payment? Use Payment Scan and let them know you are listening to their requirements.

Do you want to give the customer the lowest possible payment while still making your desired profit? Use the profit scan to make sure you get the amount you want from the deal.
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