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Monthly Payment Shoppers / Payment Scan


Jim walks into your dealership with a monthly budget that he refuses to move on, how can you get the customer out the door paying exactly what he wants?

Answer: Run a "Payment" scan type in mDesking.

This scan is useful when you have a customer who may not be as concerned about the selling price, but has a set price per month they want to pay. Use this scan to get the most profit all while giving the customer exactly what they want.

Locate the "SCAN OPTIONS" section to the left of the Scan Parameters page, and click on the button next to "Payment". Adjust the rest of your deal parameters (Trade in, cash, credit score etc.) and hit "Run Scan".

The Scan Results screen will display the Terms on the left side with each program that makes the most profit. The corresponding bank programs will show up on the right side sorted by Profit. Every option on the screen has the same payment, you just need to choose the right term, and right profit.
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