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Annual Mileage


Mileage is important when running scans on mDesking. Here are some important tips:

Standard mileage for most lender programs is 15,000 miles/year, but you can change the annual mileage to suit your needs. Lowering the annual miles will usually increase the residual, and lower payments.

  • Select your vehicle, year and model
  • In the middle right of the side of the Scan Parameters page there is the Annual Mileage box (defaulted to your preference). Update it here (if needed) and run a scan.
  • If you need a little help determining the best annual mileage for the customer you can click on the Mileage Calculator to help determine the amount of miles the customers will likely drive the car.
  • On the Scan Results page you can also change the Annual Mileage at the bottom left of the screen and click Run Scan to get updated results.
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