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Conquering negative equity / Maximize profit


Dan walks into your dealership with negative equity on his current vehicle. What to do?

Answer: Run a "Maximize Profit" scan type in mDesking.

This scan is useful when you need to generate the maximum total profit available from all lenders, while staying within their published lender guidelines. It does this by maxing out the amount to be made both in the front end and back end of the deal. This scan is GREAT when tackling negative equity.

Locate the "SCAN OPTIONS" section on the left of the Scan Parameters page and click on the button next to "Maximize Profit." Adjust for your deal parameters, press "Run Scan."

The Scan Results screen will display the MAXIMUM PROFIT for each term on the left side and the corresponding lender programs on the right. This gives you the best chance to make a profit while putting the customer into the car they want.
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