Stay competitive with our line of software

  • mDesking


    The next advancement in Market Scan lease software. First was Lease Prophet, then Market Scan, and now we bring the power of Market Scan to the web. No more dedicated hardware, work deals anywhere with an internet connection with lightning speed.
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  • Rebates

    Rebates & Incentives

    Imagine all of the rebates and incentives available, added to and calculated into every deal and on every available bank. That is what happens when you combine the extensive Market Scan lender and rebate data base.
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  • mPod


    Digitally secure your customers driver license image, SSN, and signature all in seconds. The days of photo copying a drivers license, and being open to liability are over.
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  • RouteOne


    With Market Scan's integration with RouteOne you can instantly send your deal to the bank through RouteOne. No manual entry. No typos.
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  • Dealer Benefits

    Dealer Benefits

    Market Scan was founded by car guys, and we still listen intently to the feedback our dealerships provide. We are always striving to give our customers the best experience possible.
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  • mQuote


    In today's fast-paced world, seconds seem like minutes and minutes seem like hours. mQuote won't leave customers hanging around waiting for a number. Digitally quote customers from what ever device you have, desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can even switch from device to device without a problem.
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  • mGauge


    Get in-depth reports showing where your company stands among other lenders. See exactly how they are making better deals, and by how much. If you want a part of the leasing market share, you need mGauge.
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  • mScanAPI


    Imagine being able to build software that calculates penny certain results for both lease and retail with all available rebates. With the mScanAPI you can build your own desking system right into your CRM, or perhaps provide a widget that gives end consumers accurate monthly payments from the dealership webpage.
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  • CDK

    ADP / CDK DMS Integration

    With fully certified bi-directional integration you will be able to pull your inventory from CDK Dash or CDK Drive into mDesking, and push deals from mDesking into your CDK DMS. Eliminate the headaches, and mistakes of manual data entry.
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  • Guide Books

    Guide Books

    We integrate both Black Book and NADA guide values in our system. This means that you can appraise cars quickly and accurately. This also allows you to run leases on used vehicles as well.
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  • Lender Benefits

    Lender Benefits

    If you are looking to expand your market, and would like to get your programs in front of as many dealers as possible find out how easy it is to get your bank into Market Scan today.
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