ADP/CDK Global Integration

Save time, increase accuracy

Market Scan is an authorized Bi-directional Integration Partner with CDK Global. Whether you are an CDK DASH or CDK Drive customer, mDesking has bi-directional integration to work directly with your DMS. Since mDesking is a Approved Interface, we can download your inventory directly from your CDK DMS. mDesking's integration also means that we can push customer information and deal structures. Imagine this scenario, a customer walks in and input them into your CDK CRM. The manager then pulls the customer information from CDK CRM into mDesking. Once a deal is made, you can push the deal into CDK DASH or Drive and get the customer over to the finance office. No running paper around, no mistyped numbers.

Since Market Scan's mDesking software is a CDK Approved Interface you do not have to worry about our integration affecting performance, quality or security of your data. All transaction are monitored by CDK to make sure your data is secure.

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